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1. My current apartment has a wall of windows and quite the view.

I happen to be living across the river from the Jockey Club these days, and it’s my fondest ambition to watch some horse races for free.  I just learned from my roommate that you can post bets online, and somehow that makes the whole situation just seem that much more chique.  As it is, I have seen no horse races, but I have witnessed many tiny little cars driving around the track–Lord knows why–and a village of tents being constructed.  The tents are for a music festival that will be happening next week: so the good news is that I will be taking in a concert by Garbage without paying anything.  Wins all around.  I’d still prefer a race though.

I also get quite a view of the local taxi, mall, and commuter train action.  My local grocery store is actually in the ground floor of a mall, which hasn’t yet ceased to blow my mind.  The mall also has multiple banks, a few salons, a movie theater, and a theater theater, as well as an Outback steakhouse and some other, actually reputable restaurants.  It’s like Little Worlds in there.


3. The other day as I was walking and looking around–something that I definitely don’t do enough, as I am usually concentrated on getting around the infuriating bunch of bejeaned (yep just made that one up) slow ladies in my way on the sidewalk, forchrissake–I realized that none of the buildings here have fire escapes.  Nowhere to sit at night in the winter with a glass of wine, nowhere to get into your apartment from if you forget your keys, and, now we’re getting to the point, no way to escape in an emergency.

São Paulo is the worst place to have an emergency of any type.  Somehow you can’t get anywhere in less than 40 minutes, even if it’s right next door.  When you are at the end of the last bit of rope, taxi drivers choose not to understand you that day, even though you know you’re saying everything correctly.  I walk down most of Rua Consolação to get to class twice a week, and rush hour traffic is just a given from 17h on.  I almost always see an ambulance stuck in traffic, siren plaintive, sort of an afterthought; cars don’t even try to move out of the way because there is nowhere to go.  I always wonder if there is a point in calling in a medical emergency between 5 and 8 pm if you’re in Centro or near the Marginal or far away or really anywhere at all.

I almost cut off a good chunk of my finger, and out of a profound lack of desire–call it an antidesire–to find a cab or get on the Metrô with blood gushing out of my finger, hand clutching a frozen beer can, and navigate a shitton of bureaucracy just to get a few stitches, I opted out and stayed on the couch.  I know I would have been waiting around for four hours or more before anything happened at the hospital.  Now I have what is shaping up to be an interesting parabolic scar.

If someone dies in an accident, the perícia will take six hours to get there, and they only come that fast because you know someone who knows someone.  I didn’t even see an ambulance, although logic tells me there was one at some point.

4. Here are some poems I’m enjoying these days.

5. And a song: 

6. And to top it all off, I have lost most or all desire to continue working at the place I’m working and doing the things I’m doing, but I haven’t lined up anything else yet.  Aaargh.  But that’s life yeah?

I have a few ideas and maybe a tentative option in another place and all I can think about is Getting Out of Dodge.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and send productive thoughts my way, please, because I really need a swift kick in the ass as far as Applying Myself goes.  In caps because these things feel super theoretical to me right now.

I’m blaming it on the weather, which seems to also be having an identity crisis; summer is approaching, but it’s getting colder.  I, habitually associating October with chill and pumpkin and Bob Dylan, am incredibly confused by all this because theoretically I know that it’s supposed to be hot and humid but I am not-so-secretly longing for more sweater weather.  My more Brazilian side wonders if everyone isn’t in some sort of universal mild Astral Hell (everyone asks what your sign is here when you meet them), because it sure seems like it.

7. ‘Jesus mother of god i hate cats’ tag added to this post because it is and always will be true, and because I saw it just now and it made me smile.


These are my confessions

Let’s keep going on that list jam, since it seems to be the easiest way for me to write about my life, which is still sort of amorphously purposed on the day-to-day level.
  1. The more I need to get Serious Bizness TM done, the more I clean my room.
  2. Let’s pretend no longer: this song is my jam (and the MC Casual BlogStyles of any time before a week ago would be so. ashamed.  Whatever, full disclosure, right?  It also helps to regard The Strokes as a completely different band after Room on Fire because they basically are.  And then Phrazes for the Young and AHJr.’s solo stuff make more sense too.):
  3. Let’s also realize that I have a certain fondness for the lengthy parenthetical.
  4. I am way more rusty at GRE math than I had hoped.
  5. Dammit.
  6. I have an irrationally short temper when it comes to the dating world.  You send me a text that says “A penny for your thoughts…”?  We are done, and I am insulted by your idea that I tolerate your bromides.  You invite me to be your date at your birthday dinner after just one date?  You will never hear from me again because that’s weird and a little sad.
  7. An addendum: I have, however, met some great friends through dating situations that didn’t work out, so in some rare cases it can be useful.
  8. And on a related note, I like being single.
  9. Even though I have gotten rid of a lot of my belongings, it’s hard to let go of some things.  I have been through my clothing three times, and I am going to make a few more rounds of cuts before I move.
  10. Oh yeah, I’m moving out of the basement, bitches!  MC Casual BlogStyles: soon-to-be Basement Dwella No Mo’!  Barring global catastrophe (although I wouldn’t put it past the fates at this point, considering the year those of us on Dear Old Planet Earth have had), I will be moving to the best neighborhood ever.  I will be Haver of Dinner and Lawn Parties and That Person Who Walks to the Grocery Store (And Bar) Because She Can’t Ride No Fancy Bicycle and Procurer of Free Internet at Coffee Shops Because Her Old House Doesn’t Have Internet or TV.  Just a few of the more honorable titles I’ll soon adopt.  Oh yeah, and my future roommates are cool, too.  Seriously, though, I lucked out in finding a room in the only walking neighborhood in this city.
  11. I haven’t plucked my eyebrows since last winter because I am growing them out (…yeah, I know), and they actually don’t look heinous.  But this is why bangs come in handy if one happens to spend some time in the public sphere.
  12. However, if I am not outside of my own home, there is a good chance my hair looks like this and I don’t even notice:
  13. I am working my way through Lolita as annotated by Appel and really enjoying the density of the annotation by Appel and the consequent feeling of stupidity and general talentlessness that Nabokov tends to instill.
  14. But I should really be thinking about fractions and exponents and whatnot right now–that, or working on the speech I am giving at Allison’s wedding in October.  Both events: so soon!  And so: so long!

ich vermisse todos vocês…und claro que mein Kopf eine bagunça ist….

tudo acaba em festa

E isto é pelo menos algo

Eu não consigo entender sua lógica

Quem jamais te esqueceria?


I think the best part is that I will indeed be driving past the Stop and Shop soon enough.

/end weird Massachusetts nostalgia

//for now