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Where have you been, MC Casual BlogStyles?

There are not enough words in the English language to answer that question, so I won’t even try.  Instead, here are some snippets from the past 6ish weeks.  Obvious gchat editing done by yours truly.



gchats I have known and loved: Kroger edition

The context: I was asked by my friend H, who is currently out of town, what I’ve been up to this week.

The explanation:

So my roommate Alix and I were running errands on Moreland the other day, and we ended up going out further than we had realized–out past Edgewood, past Morelli’s, past the Starlight Drive-In, past pretty much everything, out, barely ITP, past a really sketchy plot of land-slash-Baptist Church compound that was completely walled in.  Then I noticed the signs for the state prisons.  That explains the barbed wire, anyhow.  (And then we started speculating about FEMA jail camps.)  There was a sign for Kroger in the distance.  We dubbed it Jail Kroger, but we turned around before getting there, lest we cross 285.  (Plus, we were starting to see planes land nearby, and it just seemed too ridiculous to have wandered out to FEMA Airport Jail Camp Land for no reason.)

Let me explain that certain Krogers in Atlanta have nicknames.  I’m not sure exactly how regional Kroger is, but if you don’t know, it’s a grocery chain, and the stores are usually open 24 hours.  I grew up near the Georgia Tech Kroger, which was near both GT and the projects on the West Side before they got razed in an urban renewal effort.  The Disco Kroger is in Buckhead and is named such because of its former proximity to The Limelight, an infamous strip mall club.

And of course, I live five minutes away from Murder Kroger.  Murder Kroger is on Ponce, and I won’t insult either institution by trying to explain that mystical convergence of forces.

When we turned around, we abandoned any hope of finding the Wal-mart where Alix had to make some returns, and so we rolled into the Kroger on Moreland (between Murder Kroger and Jail Kroger) to buy some items.  For some reason, it felt right to call it Moreland Krogs.

Moreland Krogs is the best grocery store ever.  It casually stocks fatback, smoked ham hocks (because we’re in the South here), tubs of chitterlings and chicken livers, ox tails, a vast array of legit soy sauces, all different flavors of Jarritos, and a ridiculous amount of Jamaican ingredients (I am looking at you, ginger beer and jerk seasonings).  All in the regular aisles!  Collard greens were $1.  So 1171 House fridge is now full of collard greens and fatback, and the next day off work, I’ll be making some stewed greens.

Then last night I picked my mom up at the airport around 10:30.  I hadn’t had dinner, and neither had she, and for some reason I couldn’t get fried chicken out of my head.  We drove up 75 to the OK Cafe, but they had just closed, and I couldn’t think of any 24-hour restaurants (mental list goes: Majestic, WaHo, R. Thomas, The Porter’s kitchen open until 2…), and then suddenly…Kroger is open 24 hours.  Kroger has fried chicken.

We hit up the Georgia Tech Kroger for fried chicken and cheesecake, and it was divine.  The ultimate munchies run.  Two different locations in one day, clear across town, and so much win all around.  And now you too will know to ask for the nickname when I tell you I’m running out to get groceries.

In case you were wondering

I was gchatting with my friend Zé and somehow the subject of being tan came up.  This conversation ended up being pretty amusing.  He was surprised when I was talking about my general lack of tan-ness.  Being from the coast of Portugal, he cannot fathom life without beaches.  Being from Atlanta and having gone to school in rural Massachusetts, I cannot imagine life with beaches.  Having reached this awkward impasse, I had to explain:

What do you think, fellow landlocked friends?  How about you, my chorus of Northern buddies?  This is pretty much accurate, right?

Smile! You’re on candid screencap

More from the It’s Not Just Me; It’s Also You files…a.k.a. my desktop full of screen caps of gchat conversations… No gchatting friend of mine is safe!  Not when I can still command-shift-4!

This week’s theme: proof that I’m not the only crazy person I know.

I’m not actually sure if this first friend reads my blog, so I don’t want to volunteer her name without her knowledge and I tried to blur it out.  (But hello if you do!)

This second one reads better if you think of it as a collaborative poem of sorts.  (I am joking but the last few lines really amuse if taken as such.  Bear with me.)

Dan is winning the contest for most philosophical gchat musings, by the way.  Anyone else wanna step up their games?

Grab Bag

I can’t keep quiet anymore about a few things, and none of them are big enough for their own respective posts, so this is a grab bag.

First, the diss record ‘Ether’ by Nas.

So, so, so, soooooooo good.  SO GOOD.  Even if you’re new to rap or don’t know that much about the circumstances prompting the track.  If you’re looking for something a bit gentler, get yourself a copy of Illmatic instead.

Secondly, there are some random funny gchats to share.  Dan and I were talking kidnapping someone’s baby, I think.  The typos slay me.

And thirdly, I have some random pictures that I like well enough, but there is no real reason to post them.  So they get thrown into the grab bag.

MC Casual BlogStyling is Serious Business

caught in the act of bromance: they're holding hands

instead of snow, we get rain


winter sky

making muscadine jelly

rainbow proto-suburbia

Fur hats!

Both my sister and I have fur hats.  I guess today is turning into Sister Day on the ol’ blog.  Sweet.

Two more gchats

An amusing story:

My plans for later this evening: