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E aí galera?

I’ve been fortunate enough, through a series of awkward introductions and coincidences, to have made some really good friends who all live over in my area of the city.  A lot of these friends, luckily for me, speak Portuguese.  One of my best friends here is from São Paulo, and unfortunately, she’s leaving to go back to Brazil next weekend, but before she went, she wanted to do a feijoada.

A feijoada is technically a multi-day cooking experience, but socially speaking, it means a party where people come over and drink and dance and finally get to eat feijoada somewhere towards the middle/end.  I was super happy to get my farofa fix (even though I had just had some the day before in Marietta), and Marília did a great job with feijoada (says the American), even though it was her first time ever and the Brazilian markets didn’t really have many of the meat components for sale.  Also, I learned to dance forró, which is the jam.  I had a great time and, more generally, feel like I’m actually improving my [colloquial! regional!] Portuguese these days instead of losing it, like I’d feared when I left Middlebury–so that’s good.  Here are some pictures taken of me and dear Marília.  Also, note my amazing pants.


ver o sol se pôr vermelho

O fim do nosso mundinho chegou ontem.  Umas lembranças antes da minha volta…

o banquete final
a galeira
a maioria da nossa turma
eee de novo
nate no refeitório!
favelados...e rafa
com favelados
erich: ligação de williams
nossa exposição
mais da aula de arte
toda escola tá dançando
suma, jose, jesus
o homem que inspirou um verbo novo

contra a realidade social

leeeeeila!  cantora de fado

Botanical Gardens

I recently reconnected with my friend L, who is back in town after having to evacuate her internship at an NGO in Egypt. We are both fairly ignorant of Atlanta’s cultural offerings–going to high school in the Buckhead Bubble will rid you of general knowledge about the rest of the city, I swear–so we’re trying to figure out what to do around these parts.  We went to the Dogwood Festival last weekend, and when we walked past the Botanical Gardens to get to Piedmont Park, we realized that we should go.

So we went on Saturday morning, which turned out to be a great time to go.  Atlanta was cool and foggy overhead, which made for minimal crowds and really vibrant colors.  I took about a billion pictures, and I am apparently pretty knowledgeable about plants (nature was my best subject at summer camp!) because L kept saying, “You know so much about plants.  How do you know this stuff?”  That’s me, a wealth of esoteric knowledge.  I am one step closer to my goal of being able to talk knowledgeably about anything.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Desert garden:
L making a face when I mention Buckhead’s social scene:
Tropical garden (fantasmal poison dart frogs not pictured):

Another successful weekend

Another successful weekend was had by me. I kicked things off on Thursday by having lunch and walking around midtown with my dad–who, incidentally, is turning the big 4-0 today! Happy Birthday, Dad! I also met up with the Js, saw my sister for a few hours before she shipped back out, and rendezvoused with some awkward people from my high school back in the day (note: I didn’t know them). Lastly, I did battle with a giant mango margarita and I think I won. It’s finally gotten warm again, but I won’t be sticking around long to enjoy it; this week I’m heading up to New York for my birthday and to hang out with some friends, and California and Seattle are coming in a few weeks’ time.










Seriously, it’s the best Friday imaginable.  It’s 66 and sunny, the flowers are blooming, and my sister flew in this morning!  She’ll be going to the gulf with my mom for a painting class next week, but we have some wedding-related errands to take care of, so she came down early.

We went to a seamstress to see about making some alterations to the dress she’ll be wearing, which was made for my grandma by her mother.  In the parking lot, we discovered that we had stumbled across the natural habitat for the Fur Bus.


Well, for all five of them, actually.


The seamstresses were really nice. They loved A and her dress and were generally really on board with the whole venture. Plus, they asked me if I had done any modeling, and when I said no, they told me I should. That will always score someone points in my book. So that was a successful outing.

My mom ducked back into the store to ask one last question, and we were left up to our own devices in the parking lot. This meant that we did the thing we do whenever we have free time and a camera: take fake Lookbook pictures. Enjoy.

The first rule is to stand like you are the Hunchback of Notre Dame:

Second rule: tilt the camera to a weird angle and paw your hair delicately.

Third rule: toe pick.

Once you have these basics down, you can start improvising. Here, I am gazing almost wistfully over my shoulder at you.

Jumping should not be attempted by amateurs, as you have to make sure you get the proper wide-mouthed expression. The shot will fail without it.

If you’re really stuck for poses, just bust a move:

Oh, and then Mama BlogStyles came out of the shop and we took some normal pictures. That’s Familie BlogStyles: always taking pictures.


Tonight is Japanese food (yessss) and then drinks with Js 1 and 2. I cannot tell a lie: Fridays really are the best days of the week.

In which the narrator attends a tour of homes

it's official

Dear Readers, listening to NPR is a very good thing for you to do. In the first week of March, I happened to turn on WABE 90.1 in the car, and I heard about this event called Phoenix Flies. The Atlanta Preservation Center has sponsored this event for seven years, and it comprises historical tours and events sprinkled throughout the city for the entire month of March. Obviously I had to go to something.

My friend S was game, too–two Basement Dwellas are always down for free events–and this past weekend, we decided to go to Whittier Mill Village. WMV, a settlement sandwiched between the railroad tracks and the Chattahoochee River, is only a few miles from my house, but I had absolutely no idea it existed before this. (Then again, one of the most dangerous blocks in the country is also a few miles from me, but I’ve never been there either.)

The backstory: the Whittier family, who owned the mills in Lowell, MA, decided to use Chattahoochee, GA, as it was known back then before its incorporation into ATL proper, as their base for expansion. Of the original mill structures, only the tower and the carpenter’s shop remain, but so do many of the mill workers’ houses, ranging from one of the original 1895 houses to duplexes from 1926.

somehow we wore matching shirts

The medical clinic has been converted into a residence. I was in love with the exterior of this building:
old medical clinic for mill workers

As S can verify, I kept getting a weird Massachusetts feel from this area. Case in point:
looking out from the hill

The local building code has provisions to maintain the historical elements, but you could tell that the owners of these houses were really into the historical details, even without the codes. Here, a candle with a magnifying glass to spread the light:
candle with a lens in front of it

And here, an original fireplace. (Note: this belonged to a house that S and I decided we’d eventually have to buy and live in as roommates, even though neither of us are staying in Atlanta.)
original fireplace

And this house was built in 2000/2001, and according to the codes, it has a big front porch and a double-sided fireplace in the middle of the room. The people who lived in this house were also the nicest people ever. The lady, dressed entirely in blue, plied us with peach wine spritzers and cheese buttons, and we had a nice discussion of our Atlanta upbringings and the pros and cons of living in an old house. The husband, dressed in all red, was telling us that he wanted to paint the house an even brighter orange, like he had in his office, but that his wife put her foot down.
the sweetest couple lives here

A really cool garden. The people in this house also had a studio and a darkroom.
sweet garden

Down by the tracks.

The carpenter’s building, now part of the park.  They hold Parktoberfest here every year, and now that I know about it, I really want to go.  Too bad it’s 6 months from now.
part of the park

And the tower:
mill grounds, which are now a park

Obligatory tower poses:
and poses
mill tower

And lastly, this is an icon on the Westside, one of those places you pass but never end up going in. Well, we passed it on the way there and back, but didn’t go in. So there you go.
Bolton Road icon