Well then, it’s decided.

I just got lost down the rabbit hole of Wikitravel, since I am planning a trip around the Southeast of Brazil.  My roomie is from the Northeast and always tells me I should go visit, so I went to the page for his hometown and found these amazing sentences:

“The ceiling features a 40 meter wide mural, and the interior is inhabited by lots of bats.”

“Intimate and lively. Both gay and straight.”

“An excellent idea is to buy a small frontal unisex pouch.”

If these aren’t selling points, I don’t know what is.  Northeast, here I come sometime soonish.  (Although, to be fair, the pages of all the Brazilian cities on Wikitravel are full of these gems.  Now you begin to understand the joy of my job.  I am a terrible English teacher because I get absolutely delighted by the creativity of my students when I should actually be correcting them.)


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