chegou a turma do funil…

”]”]Well, I am moved in and heading off to Rio for Carnaval.  Jeez.  It seems like every time I move, I am also under strict time limits.  But anyway, I did it, I have my key, I had a few celebratory beers (not the ones above) with Gera, and it’s bus time.

Also, look you guys: ;:?zzzzzz!!!  My laptop works with the internet at my new place!  É destino!!!

And apropos of nothing, let’s marvel at a country that drizzles olive oil on its cheese before eating it for dinner.  This is precisely why I’m not exactly, as ladies’ magazines would say, bikini ready–but that stops nobody in this country (you should see some of the bus fashions here), and it’s certainly not going to stop this gringa.

*The title of this post is from a pretty famous Carnaval song and it more or less translates to “The funnel class/gang has arrived.”  As in beer funnel.  Yeah.  If you’re into that (Big sis, I’m looking at you again), you can hear it here.


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