You’ve been speaking a lot of Portuguese when…

  • you are typing a phrase and it comes out “connotations coloquial” instead of “colloquial connotations.”
  • you realise when your boss makes a comic aside about difficulties that Brasilians have learning English, that you, too, tend to erroneously say “polemic” when you mean “controversial.”

In other news, I have a few free days (read, one full day) in between now and when I start my job teaching English as a foreign language.  I still have to get my CPF and buy some professional clothes (because, contrary to whomever the hell inhabited my body when I packed to come here, flip flops and tank tops do not professional attire constitute) –> (and ohmigodyouguys, work clothes here are called roupas sociais, or “social clothes” hahahaaaaa).  So anyway, I have a few thoughts for the next bullet point roundup, but those will have to wait.

(P.S. The ‘jesus mother of god i hate cats’ tag will always be relevant. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.  And I hate dogs that act like cats and lick cats and then sit on my pillow WHYYYYYY.)


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