alguma coisa acontece no meu coração…

A new year is upon us all, and while I would love to lounge around in bed and watch Hellsing while recovering from my New Year’s Eve at Halo, I can’t; in four hours I am getting on a plane and moving to Brazil.

While this has always been the endgame, I decided to actually get up and do something about it about two weeks ago.  I bought a ticket, made some calls, got some of my friends to make some introductions, and long story short, I will be living in São Paulo.  I am initially planning on being there six months, but depending on grad school acceptances and/or how I am feeling, I might stay longer.

In the past two weeks, since I decided to move, I’ve been scrambling to move out in between work, Christmas visits to Palo Alto and San Francisco, and balancing seeing friends from high school and Middlebury who are in town visiting.  Of course, leaving Atlanta is sad, especially since I’ve just settled in to a rhythm here–but that’s usually when I end up leaving places, anyway.  I will not miss certain aspects of my life here, but I am really sad about not having time to say goodbye to some of my good friends here, and I will dearly miss my roommates, who went from two random people I met on Craigslist to two of my best friends in the city.  Driving down Ponce for the last time today was strange and final, even though I know it’ll still be here if I ever come back.  I’ve also said my final farewells to my two main haunts, the Majestic and Hoa Binh, and I’m ready to go.

Those who have known me for a while might remember that I spent some time in the suburbs of Sampa, in the state of São Paulo, in the summer of 2009.  I’m looking forward to being in the city this time, as there is much to be explored.  I’m also looking forward to, jeez, complete immersion.  There’s a huge difference between Americans and teachers speaking Portuguese and the average João speaking the language, so I’m sure I’ll end up in some funny situations.  Which, in turn, you’ll hear about.


You can't really tell, but this is Avenida Paulista at night. It's also the only shot I took in Sampa last time I was there. There's some nice foliage, I guess.


One response to “alguma coisa acontece no meu coração…

  1. !!! so exciting. happy new year and update us from brazil yo!! travel safely.

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