State of the MC, December 18 edition

Feathers in my cap:

  • Bar crawls in East Atlanta Village.
  • 3 am trips to the Majestic; omelets and grits.
  • Inheriting a multitude of Neil Young and James Taylor records.
  • My pachinko machine!
  • Reconnecting with old friends (also, high school reunion coming up!).
  • Videodrome
  • Having coffee with excellent people.
  • The excuse to speak Portuguese on the regular.
  • House parties at my house.
  • My alter ego, Chameleon (pronounced Cha-mah-lee-on), inspired by the crackhead who hit on me at Green’s Liquor at 11 am on a Saturday morning.  Hey baby, you be lookin’ real fine tonight if you know what ah’m sayin.
  • The guy at Hoa Binh who always tries to get me to buy 5 pounds of pork, plus duck and chicken, when I’m stopping in for my weekly char siu fix.

Black Eyes:

  • I hate cats.  I hate cats who open my door when I leave the house and chew up my digital camera.  I hate cats that eat my delicious char siu when I set down the takeout box to get up and get water.  I hate cats that come over and sit on my nice, clean blanket with the express purpose of scratching themselves and getting their nasty cat hair all over my possessions because they know I’m allergic.  I hate cats that chew on makeup brushes that I bought because the cat had ruined my makeup brush.
  • Yeah.
  • Not having enough time to see everyone I want to see.
  • Professors who don’t respond to your multiple requests for letters of recommendation even though they’d previously offered to write some.

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