E aí galera?

I’ve been fortunate enough, through a series of awkward introductions and coincidences, to have made some really good friends who all live over in my area of the city.  A lot of these friends, luckily for me, speak Portuguese.  One of my best friends here is from São Paulo, and unfortunately, she’s leaving to go back to Brazil next weekend, but before she went, she wanted to do a feijoada.

A feijoada is technically a multi-day cooking experience, but socially speaking, it means a party where people come over and drink and dance and finally get to eat feijoada somewhere towards the middle/end.  I was super happy to get my farofa fix (even though I had just had some the day before in Marietta), and Marília did a great job with feijoada (says the American), even though it was her first time ever and the Brazilian markets didn’t really have many of the meat components for sale.  Also, I learned to dance forró, which is the jam.  I had a great time and, more generally, feel like I’m actually improving my [colloquial! regional!] Portuguese these days instead of losing it, like I’d feared when I left Middlebury–so that’s good.  Here are some pictures taken of me and dear Marília.  Also, note my amazing pants.


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