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Quem jamais te esqueceria?


Things I’ve learned in the past few days

In the past week, I’ve learned:
  • that DeLillo’s Libra is an excellent book.
  • that there is a lot to say about the construction of childhood and how it relates to Brazilian street children.
  • that non-soggy pierogies are pretty good.
  • that life without internet access is really, really nice.
  • that when you meet a Serbian at Hudson Terrace, the language you’ll have in common will be Portuguese.
  • that the East Village has some really nice gardens.
  • that one does not simply walk into Mordor.
  • that I have a crippling fear of butterflies.  Well, it’s only crippling if I am in a butterfly conservatory.  But I was in one today.
  • that, light of that last one there, Nabokov was a lot creepier than I had realized.  Oh, Vladimir.
Tomorrow I’m heading to Boston for the day, and Friday will see me heading up north to my final summer destination.



I think the best part is that I will indeed be driving past the Stop and Shop soon enough.

/end weird Massachusetts nostalgia

//for now

Let’s push things forward

So it’s been almost two weeks since I wrote that super cagey post.  You remember the one.  I have more or less an update to my situation, which I may as well broadcast to the world now that I know what’s going on.  I’ve actually managed to make a lot of life progress in the past couple of days, ranging from some more hardcore networking re: life goals* to going on my first blind date** to learning that too much caffeine can cause auditory hallucinations.***

I am going to be spending my summer in New England.  Yes, that’s right, the region I left a day after graduation and wasn’t too keen on visiting ever again.  Well, a combination of nostalgia and the more compelling prospect of gaining more usable life skills is drawing me back.

I will actually kick things off by going to New York next weekend (not New England, I know!) to visit my good friend Monica.  The last time I was single and visiting her turned out to be quite memorable, so I anticipate having an interesting couple of days.

I am then going to central/Western Massachusetts to visit one of my favorite MoHos, D-nutz,**** whom I originally met on my trip to Tbilisi.  Last time I saw her, this happened:

The time before that involved absinthe.*****  So again, another ridiculous time will be had by all.  Then at the end of the month, I will be arriving at my final destination, where my life will be consumed by stuff like this and this–and especially this.

So basically, I am once again packing my life into my car and preparing to drive up the Eastern seaboard.  I am incredibly excited to be able to escape the full fury of Atlanta in the summer, and while my plans after August aren’t fully finalized yet and I may have to return to Atlanta for a bit of time, I’m not planning on staying for long.  Vague enough for you?  I thought so.


* I haaaate networking.

** Blind dates are sort of “ehhh,” but amusing nonetheless.  Got to go to a good concert, at any rate.

*** Duly noted, but is this why I like most of Julian Casablancas’s solo album?

**** A nickname depending fully on context.

***** Fully legal, fairly delicious.