‘I will eat your face off!’

…is what I thought when I saw this picture of myself (someone’s been watching too much Doctor Who):


But what wouldn’t I do for you, my loyal blog readers?  Anyway, the point of this is that I got my hair cut for the first time since (I think) before I broke up with my second to last boyfriend.  Possibly right after.  Recently I had been getting to the point where I was obsessed with my split ends, which is a concern so incredibly foreign to me in most cases.  And now, look how shiny!  I am a hair magpie.

This weekend, my family and I are flying to Seattle to attend the wedding of one of the kids I grew up with.  My mom and their mom started and quit work on the same day and traded us off every other day so that they could have days off.  We’re all staggered in age, too, and the last of us just graduated high school.  It’s weird to see the first of us get married, especially since Allison’s wedding is in October, and that leaves one more kid between me and *wedding time.*  I can’t help but think that I’m going to have be the outlier in the timeline because I am not planning on settling down anytime soon.  It’s crazy to think about, and it’s going to be even weirder the closer we get to A & K’s wedding.  For now, I’ll just enjoy Seattle I guess.


3 responses to “‘I will eat your face off!’

  1. I love the length of your hair! So new…so fresh. Have fun in seattle! Tyler and I finally figured out where we’ll be living there this summer–too bad our paths won’t cross. MISS YOU.

  2. Aww I’m sad you’re not in Seattle when I am! What about that bit of time in June? Say hi to Ty-Ty for me.

  3. Gorgeous photo of you…you are so pretty! Oh, and the marriage thing…it happens when you least expect it and when you are thinking, “uh…probably not anytime soon….” so beware!! 😉

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