Come back from San Francisco

doorway from the lobby to the street

First of all, it’s Erster Mai, and I’d be remiss as a former inhabitant of Berlin if I didn’t mention that.  Happy 1. Mai, everybody!  Go protest if you must, but don’t burn my car.

Secondly, I’ve been in California since last Tuesday.  This has been my first trip to the state, and I’ve really liked it.  Really liked it.  The I signed a lease kind of liked it.

I probably need to give some backstory here: my dad is moving out to the Bay Area for a few years because of a recent law firm merger.  This means that he needs an apartment, and if I want to stay there at all, I need to sign the lease.  So I did that; I have designs on the West coast.  It doesn’t help that A.Sals has moved here and is doing her best to sway me from New York–and on top of that, L. has decided to go to Stanford Law!  Whichever way I go, it’ll be stressful for a while, since I need to leave my job in ATL and find a new one in my new city.

All job stress aside (though that is hard to put aside, really), I loved Palo Alto and adorei San Francisco!  I really like the apartment, too, which was built in the 1920s in Alhambra style and has all sorts of weird touches, like bright tile and telephone nooks.  You know it’s picture time, and I have way too many.

The entrance to the apartment building:
entrance to building - 1920's detailing
There are about one million art theaters per resident in Palo Alto. True fact.
I have also found a new favorite diner.
California is a gardener’s dream. Everywhere you look, people have little gardens and hanging baskets. The walk up the stairs to Coit Tower is especially nice if you like your flowers.
City Lights!
in North Beach
Mr. Fong goes to lunch
mushroom vendor
the pointy one is the transamerica


3 responses to “Come back from San Francisco

  1. can’t believe i never commented on this!! so exciting. west coast all the way yo (except for the part where my parents refused to let me enroll in school there because “it’s too far”). it is so tantalizingly beautiful though, esp in these pics yo.

  2. hahaha i just realized i wrote “yo” twice. a little much for one comment i think…oops.

  3. Nah, I like the yos. I definitely read that comment in your voice in my head. Miss you so much.

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