Botanical Gardens

I recently reconnected with my friend L, who is back in town after having to evacuate her internship at an NGO in Egypt. We are both fairly ignorant of Atlanta’s cultural offerings–going to high school in the Buckhead Bubble will rid you of general knowledge about the rest of the city, I swear–so we’re trying to figure out what to do around these parts.  We went to the Dogwood Festival last weekend, and when we walked past the Botanical Gardens to get to Piedmont Park, we realized that we should go.

So we went on Saturday morning, which turned out to be a great time to go.  Atlanta was cool and foggy overhead, which made for minimal crowds and really vibrant colors.  I took about a billion pictures, and I am apparently pretty knowledgeable about plants (nature was my best subject at summer camp!) because L kept saying, “You know so much about plants.  How do you know this stuff?”  That’s me, a wealth of esoteric knowledge.  I am one step closer to my goal of being able to talk knowledgeably about anything.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Desert garden:
L making a face when I mention Buckhead’s social scene:
Tropical garden (fantasmal poison dart frogs not pictured):


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