A port in the storm

I’d just like to mention that a big thunderstorm is rolling through the A right now. While I am perfectly content to sit in bed and listen (see figure above), my dogs are pretty scared. Bro, our big lion, likes to curl up to the smallest possible size and hide under furniture. Chip just pants and follows me around. Sometimes they sleep on my bed–and, I might add, hog the covers. My room becomes Dogtown.

As sad as it is to see them so scared, it’s also kind of funny because their facial expressions are priceless. Here’s a picture of BroBro from the another time we had a storm. He had jumped into my bathtub.

Oh, here comes Chip now. I’ve set up a little dog bed next to my bed, so hopefully I’ll have my pillow to myself this time.


One response to “A port in the storm

  1. that picture of Bro in the bathtub slays me every time! It was Dogtown Central in your room last night.

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