Seriously, it’s the best Friday imaginable.  It’s 66 and sunny, the flowers are blooming, and my sister flew in this morning!  She’ll be going to the gulf with my mom for a painting class next week, but we have some wedding-related errands to take care of, so she came down early.

We went to a seamstress to see about making some alterations to the dress she’ll be wearing, which was made for my grandma by her mother.  In the parking lot, we discovered that we had stumbled across the natural habitat for the Fur Bus.


Well, for all five of them, actually.


The seamstresses were really nice. They loved A and her dress and were generally really on board with the whole venture. Plus, they asked me if I had done any modeling, and when I said no, they told me I should. That will always score someone points in my book. So that was a successful outing.

My mom ducked back into the store to ask one last question, and we were left up to our own devices in the parking lot. This meant that we did the thing we do whenever we have free time and a camera: take fake Lookbook pictures. Enjoy.

The first rule is to stand like you are the Hunchback of Notre Dame:

Second rule: tilt the camera to a weird angle and paw your hair delicately.

Third rule: toe pick.

Once you have these basics down, you can start improvising. Here, I am gazing almost wistfully over my shoulder at you.

Jumping should not be attempted by amateurs, as you have to make sure you get the proper wide-mouthed expression. The shot will fail without it.

If you’re really stuck for poses, just bust a move:

Oh, and then Mama BlogStyles came out of the shop and we took some normal pictures. That’s Familie BlogStyles: always taking pictures.


Tonight is Japanese food (yessss) and then drinks with Js 1 and 2. I cannot tell a lie: Fridays really are the best days of the week.


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