Spring fever

Not to brag, you guys, but I’m having a pretty good day so far.  I don’t have work today–which helps–so I slept in until 11.  Then I had the best breakfast ever.

breakfast this morning

Strawberries and cream, toast with butter, two kinds of soft cheese, and my already-mixed Cafe viennois, paired with a free issue of Harper’s that I was sent for being a former subscriber. I have to say: that’s a really effective marketing strategy. I’d been thinking about renewing anyway, and I was so happy to see an issue that I think I’ll pull that proverbial trigger.

Because of quite a few factors that I don’t feel like getting into until things settle down, I’ve decided that the credo du jour (de la semaine?) stems from the Beastie Boys, of all people: No time like the present to work shit out.

This means: spring cleaning, extensive wardrobe culling, storage of seasonal clothing, mass genocide of extraneous papers via recycle bin and shredder, much more of a minimalist approach to my belongings, and organizing my thoughts about what I want to happen in the next year or two. I’m also giving a lot of thought to what I want to do in my free time, of which I do have an atypical surfeit recently. There is going to be a lot of prioritizing that goes on here.

I took a break from all the Serious Bizness TM to tend to alcohol-related matters, with the end result looking like this:

they call me mrs. limoncello

In about a week, I’ll get to taste my limoncello (!), and then you should expect a post about how to make it. I am definitely excited for this.

Anyway, I should get back to what I was doing, since my room is in a state of massive upheaval while I sort everything. It’s hard to walk in here, and I can’t see my desk. This must change.


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