Link Attack

Thanks for bearing with me this week.  While I’m loading photos to my Flickr and drinking my Café viennois, I feel like I should post some links that I’ve come across recently.

Did you know about the Mobile Azalea Trail Maids?  Neither did I.  They’re a group of 50 high school girls who represent Mobile, AL, as archetypal Southern belles.

Time Warp Wives features people who are dedicated to living in a different era.  As someone who thinks she should have been her current age in the 20s, I can definitely appreciate this.

Although this article on Dubai’s slave infrastructure is almost 2 years old, it’s still worth a read.

I always like giving Dear Old Love a read.  It’s like PostSecret, but a little less contrived.  I’d be lying if I said I’ve never submitted any, but who knows if they ever got published.

I’ve been keeping abreast of the situation in Japan via the ongoing ONTD post.  The content is constantly updated, and they have a great list of relevant charities and nonprofits at the top that have been vetted by ONTD users, if you’re still looking to donate.

Allison talks about fun things to do with vodka.  Of course she does.  I make a cameo.  Of course I do.

Kyle Lynd explains what’s with ALL the dubstep in Skins series 5, episode 6.  Who knew dubstep went so well with farming?  (And if you don’t watch Skins, you should.)

The Atlanta History Center currently has an exhibition on about Atlanta during the Civil War.  Seeing as how this is closely related to the topic of my senior sem paper, and I researched my paper at the Center, I’m planning on giving this a visit.  (I really enjoyed working on the paper, and my advisor thinks I should expand it now that I’ve graduated, but I am trying to resist grad school’s siren song for at least another year!)

Thoughts on the significance, relevance, and misuse of the term “Luddite” in this day and age.  Excellent.  So many people throw this word around that it’s starting to lose its meaning.


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