Bachelor Week

I am again left to my own devices in this large house.  If, say, a squatter were to reside in the bottom opposite corner of the basement, I would have no clue.  But don’t worry about my safety, gentle reader, for I know that a punch’s strength follows the core-to-extremity principle, and thus my own knowledge will ultimately prove my salvation.

Between checking for squatters in the nether reaches of Casa BlogStyles and fending off Jehovah’s witnesses–alas, they got the last word: I now have no fewer than two different Watchtower publications–I have actually been uncharacteristically productive.

I’m hoping to write about both of these projects in a later post (a.k.a. when it’s not 11:30 pm), so I will leave you with these two images.  And yes, they were taken on PhotoBooth.  Computer Issues, remember?

Now it’s time to enjoy my nightly hot water with lemon* and watch the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

* Or, if you’re excited, you can exclaim, ‘Hot lemony water!’


5 responses to “Bachelor Week

  1. 1. i LOVE hot lemony water! i do it too sometimes. i actually think it tastes good.
    2. your tag “the myth of leisure time” just made me die of laughter. hahaha.

  2. Bah ha haaa I put that in originally because you were one of the 3 readers of my blog.

  3. Is the second photo backwards, if I recall correctly the layout of the room?

  4. Yes, that’s the curse of Photo Booth (ie, the camera on your laptop).


    While you were gone, I rearranged the cabinets and windows.

    Take your pick.

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