Randoms: Spring is still springing edition

So I made a playlist of all the songs I want to listen to now that it’s sunny out.  A lot of these were my main jams last spring when I was still in college.  I would sit out on the porch of my house and listen to these on my Grados and enjoy the weather.

Another bonus is that many of these songs remind me of the time when D and I were just starting to date.  Those were exciting days, to say the least.  It was the first time I was consistently cooking good meals for myself (instead of bacon, pancakes, and bacon), and we went on a lot of walks and random nighttime car trips.  Sorry to get so nostalgic here, but I really like thinking about last spring.  This spring is shaping up to be pretty epic, though, so stay tuned for that.

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Another thing that I’m jamming on and have been loving for a while now is hot water with lemon. It sounds really pointless–and gross, even–but it’s really good for clearing up your skin or when you want something hot to drink at night and you want to avoid caffeine. After a while, it even tastes delicious, I promise. I love citrus, so I may be a bit biased, but it really does work if your skin decides to act up because of the change in season. (Ahem.)


I drink it out of a mug that I decorated back in middle school.  It is the WonderMug Of Many Colors.  If only you could see the matching saucer.  This is how Basement Dwella rolls, yo.  But seriously, hot lemon water (gotta think of a better name than that!) does wonders for everything that ails you, I am convinced.

Okay, lastly, I am listening to ‘Teenage Kicks,’ and my mom just mused, “It’s such a good song…”  Damn straight, Mommo.


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