Hunting season

I interrupt this pause in blogging (due to Computer Issues) to bring you this ridiculous scenario: bird hunting in my own house.

Yes, a bird flew into the house, and I spotted it while my mom was in the shower.  Who got it out of the house?

Not Chip, that’s for sure.  Normally an infamous foe of squirrels, moles,  chipmunks, turtles, and basically all small animals the yard over, he had no idea that a bird was flying around the house.

I’d like to think that the plastic owl and menacing youtube owl noises helped my cause, but I think in the end, blocking off a small chunk of the house and opening up the front door was the best plan of [team] action.

Oh well.  You live and you learn, right?

Also in today’s news, major congratulations to Matt, who absolutely killed it at State today.  (Kayte, I don’t know about you, but that 400 free relay took about 5 years off my life.)


2 responses to “Hunting season

  1. LOL…oh, yeah, at least five years…a few more of those and I can be as young as you…okay, quite a few more, but still…. Thanks for cheering, he was totally amazed that he had people cheering from Atlanta…who knew?? While I am here, loved loved loved the travel photos/commentary. Have to live vicariously right now re travel, so thank you. And your new look, looks very fine from here…but then I have to say, you could put on a gunny sack and look gorgeous. I learn something new every single day and today is starting off with “Package Store” as occasionally here aforementioned Liquor Stores also have that “Package Liquor Store” sign and I hadn’t a clue what that meant other than possibly they bound it up in some sort of brown paper wrapping package so NO ONE KNEW what you were carrying about. That’s as far as I got with those thoughts, so for the added knowledge, I thank you because it lead me to ye olde google search and I found out that “package liquor store” simply means that it is alcohol served in packages, cans, bottles, etc. for administration elsewhere, i.e. not on tap. I am going to look oh-so-smart when this surfaces on Jeopardy and I’ll be sure to give you due credit. Watson will be asking you for input.

    • Wow, I didn’t know the history behind the term. That’s really interesting! I’m glad you’re enjoying the travel recaps. My computer with the pictures on it is going nuts right now, so I can’t post more, but hopefully I’ll get that sorted out soon. And yeah–Matt has at least 2 fans in Atlanta and one in Buffalo. My sister and I were gchatting furiously during the meet! Ha.

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