Super Southern Weekend

I just spent the weekend housesitting/babysitting my really Southern cousins. Before that, I went to a bar with friends and had beer and funnel cake.  It’s pretty good to get a good injection of the South every once in a while.

funnel cake and lambic
festive taxidermy
general store
moon pie

Last night, my major advisor (for Southern history, let’s remember) popped up in a dream about me hanging out with wolves, and explained to me the ancient way of rating grad schools (a spinning top and something similar to a Ouija board). I also think my best friend from elementary school was there, explaining that China is referred to as the Middle Kingdom. Later, I was living in a beach house with D’s friend and his girlfriend, the latter of whom had a promising career as a backup dancer on American Idol. Well, that got off-topic pretty fast. Welcome to my brain.


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