Trains, planes, automobiles

Like all good things, this trip is coming to an end.  These past few days have been travel hell (almost got stuck on Yakushima, etc. etc.), and I’m ready to not live out of a suitcase.  I loved my time in each of the places I went, but my soft, pillowy [super American] bed is calling my name, and my dogs are barking.  (If they could talk, they might be calling my name, but it’s really hard to know with them.  Chip, for one, is much more interested in the neighborhood fauna.)

I may or may not be bowing to everyone for the next few days. Once you get in the habit of doing that instead of actually talking to people, it’s sort of hard to abandon.  (Shirubia, back a Yowingo up here…so sabishi here in JFK without someone who understands random impulses to bow.)


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