Greetings from Cambodia

Hello, all!  I’m writing, finally, from Sihanouk Ville, where I have reliable [paid] internet that will expire in about two hours.  The internet/computer situation on this trip has been subpar, and when you add that on to the list of other little setbacks (sickness), it really doesn’t add up to me posting much.

However, I am able to kick back and relax, load some pictures, and share with you my impressions of Cambodia so far.  First, it is very relaxing.  It would only be more perfect if I hadn’t cut the bottom of my foot on a rock in the ocean in my first 3o minutes on the beach.  I have to hobble around and worry about things like coral infections (ewww) and keeping sand out of the wound.  But there is still the beach, and the fruity drinks are aplenty, should I want them…

The coast of Cambodia is very beautiful and very cheap, so this attracts a lot of pretty undesirable people.  Last night getting drinks, Dan and I were surrounded by a few tables of white men with hookers–my first experience with that.  One table was directly facing me, and I could hear the man telling his two consorts (who really didn’t look older than 16) about his drug use, and about what you snort and what you inject.  Disgusting.

But outside of the strung-out expats giving us all a bad name, there’s also the nagging knowledge that everything outside of the hotel/town is incredibly poor.  We stopped at a roadside restaurant on our way from Phnom Penh and bought two bottles of water.  When I gave the waiter a dollar, he brought back change.  A medium-size pizza is $6, as is the bunch of snacks I bought at the convenience store.  Everything is painfully cheap here, and it’s easy to feel like you’re ripping people off, since even though you’re giving them a lot by Cambodian standards, your $2 is insignificant on a broader international scale.  I guess this makes me pretty uncomfortable, which, in turn, means I have a conscience.  Woo.

Anyway, the beach is glorious, even if I can’t swim, and it’s nice to just sit in warm weather, especially after the freezing wind of Beijing and the constant streams of people in Hong Kong.

Internet runs out soon, and I need breakfast, but I’m hoping to do some travel recaps in the next few days (more paid internet? eurgh).  I shouldn’t jinx myself, but…maybe I can even upload more pictures.


3 responses to “Greetings from Cambodia

  1. Beach + warm weather + fruity drinks sounds like what the doctor ordered for you! Love seeing the pictures and looking forward to recap posts.

  2. You look great. The weather and the beach are good for you. Happy to see.

  3. you’re such a model.

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