Old friend, new town

While I don’t leave for Beijing until Monday at noon, I have already left Atlanta.  I am currently in Princeton, NJ, for an interview with a fellowship program at the University.  I don’t really want to talk about it until it’s more or less a done deal, but I will tell you what I’m doing when I’m not interviewing.

I hopped on over to see my friend J Money (too many J names on the blog!), who is about 30 miles away in Rutgers.  J Money and I were in the same entry freshman year, and we’ve always gotten along pretty well.  He saved my ass more than a few times in our orgo class, and I helped him out with a few history classes back in the day.  I couldn’t be in the same state as this kid and not see him.

We walked around New Brunswick and got some noodles at a little Chinese place.  We had a lot to catch up on, and this was a good start.  We also checked out the train station (don’t ask) and made big plans to personally reenact How I Met Your Mother.  Suit Up!  J Money sure does.

Super glad I got the chance to see this kid.  I know I’ll see him again sooner or later, since I plan to go up to New York in the spring, so I guess I’d better bring my sartorial A Game.

Tomorrow after my interview, my mom and I are going to take the commuter train into the city and head to one of David Chang’s eateries.  So excited.  I’ve been waiting for so long to try his pork buns….

Lastly, I plan on blogging here while on my travels, but I’ll also be posting pictures to my travel tumblr.  Hopefully they’ll be accessible in China, but if not, just bear with me.


2 responses to “Old friend, new town

  1. j money! david chang! so much to be excited about in this post. 🙂 and travels in asia, of course. big sighhh. looking forward to keeping up with the adventure.

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