I’ve decided recently to inject my everyday appearance with a bit more glamor; I want to dress up all the time, since I certainly have the wardrobe for it.  This begins not while prepping to go out on a Friday night, but actually while I’m taking a shower on a Tuesday night, it would seem.  Today, you see, I’m taking about hair again.  Normally I shower at night and tie my hair up in a braid so that when it comes out in the morning, it gives me a nice flip effect where someone else’s bangs might be:

It’s the very definition of bedhead.  But anyway, while I was standing under last night’s bit of water, I decided I’d go all Irish Dancer and break out my spike curlers.  I still have these from my competitive dancing days and have used them before on my ends for a nice retro end wave.  This time I decided to go all out.

If you’ve never seen spike curlers in someone’s hair, or if you’ve never seen me without makeup despite my worst efforts, feast your eyes:

I feel like there is a bald patch in my left eyebrow that will never grow back.  Ha.  Anyway, these babies do not make for a restful night of sleep, but they’re ultimately worth it.

Even after a full day of work, my hair is going strong…

I kind of like the excitement.  This hair, coupled with my taking the time to put on fancy seamed stockings, had me smiling all day even though it was a pretty rainy, run-of-the-mill day at work.

Of course, what kind of self-respecting hair-owner (???) would I be if I didn’t mention what I’m using in my hair?  Currently, I really love Big for shampoo–and it’s not because of my employment history or my affinity for Biggie.  It gets my hair really clean and shiny, and I dig the sea salt.  I follow that with a dollop of American Cream and finish it off with a little Moroccanoil when I get out of the shower.

It’s a pretty low-maintenance routine.  It’s going to get even more low-key in about two weeks.  Details on that to come in my general new year/fresh start post, probably tomorrow.  Maybe next time I’ll also get into makeup.  Just not tonight, as it’s getting late and I have my next trip to the hospital in the yearly gamut of doctor’s office runs coming up tomorrow morning.  Don’t worry, guys, I’m not dying.

I mean, I am dying in the sense that we are all dying and that fatalistic jazz.  Just not planning on it anytime soon.  Thought I’d clear that up.


One response to “Spikes

  1. Those spike curlers have it all over the rag/stocking tying method, I’m here to tell you! Love the curls and the glamor.

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