Last Days

Before my exciting, arbitrarily fresh new year begins, I’ll just wind up this year by posting some pictures from the final days of December, which have been spent largely with my family and my dogs.  January–tomorrow–will kick off a year of great change, some of which I already know about and some of which I have mere dreams of, but today I’ll just think about 2010 a little more.  Happy New Year*, everyone!

our lights show...two deer/unicorns

...aaand the lights show across the street

first white Christmas in Atlanta in over 100 years

*New Year?  New Year’s?  This problem comes up every time I try to write a blog post on New Year’s Eve.  WTF.  This is exactly why I often state that I am not fluent in English even though it’s my native language.


One response to “Last Days

  1. Nice photo. Especially the reindeer. Wait till next year!

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