Murder Mystery

Last night I headed over to my friend M’s house to meet up with some of my high school friends and acquaintances for a rousing mystery dinner.  M has a tradition of hosting these: apparently I’ve attended another one years ago where I was the murderer, but I have no recollection of it, even though my mom seems to.  M got waylaid by all the snow in New York and figured that she could use the extra days in the ATL to host a dinner party.

I was given my character description the morning of the party.  It included such words as “mysterious,” “bohemian,” and “bring something to munch on.”  I didn’t have anything bohemian, per se, but fortunately, I do have a lot of random crazy clothes around the house.  I sort of went the mystical route instead, which worked out quite nicely for me.  And I showed up with spinach artichoke dip.

I. went. all. out.  Nobody else went quite as out as I did, but I was pretty much expecting that.  Y’all know that I like dressing up, though, so I didn’t mind.  You may even recognize some of these clothes from previous posts on this little blog.

We played The Icicle Twist. (SPOILER ALERT: the murder weapon is an icicle!)  I wasn’t the murderer this time, but I did end up having a pretty sweet ski bum lover and a promising career as a double agent.

Mystical Alicia with Buzzy, the coke-dealing, blackmailing ski bum a.k.a. my almost high school prom date

Flight attendant, Buzzy, Alicia

Director of National Defense enjoys his s'mores

This was really, really fun.  I would like to do more of these at some point when I am in a position to host dinner parties and have a lot of friends over.  Which isn’t right now because things are definitely in flux.


2 responses to “Murder Mystery

  1. ahahahahahaha photos make this so wonderful.

  2. heh I’m glad you like it

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