Tea party

Maybe a week ago, I went to high tea at the St. Regis with A.Sals and our two moms.  It seems that whenever we get together, the talk doesn’t stop for hours and hours.  A.Sals and I have come up with some pretty awesome business ideas (è vero, d’oro!) and we, both living with our parents, get the opportunity to shoot the shit while the moms get to talk about mom things.

Tea was cool.  The hotel was pretty swank, and the tea itself was lovely.  The food was strange, diminutive, and entertaining, and the lacking service gave us sort of a common rallying point.  It’s pretty fun to get dressed up, so I was really glad that A.Sals dreamed up this excursion.  Unfortunately, there were no great pictures of me taken, so I can’t show off what I was wearing, even though it’s one of my favorite dresses.  I did get plenty of pictures, however, of the beautiful opalescent interior of the tea room, the plush chairs, and obviously A.Sals herself, who seemed to instinctively dress to match the hotel.

I think that’s it’s pretty important to find excuses to dress up, especially if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work or at home, or if you’re at the lowest depths of winter introversion and all you want to do is watch Skins.  I am too good at talking myself out of social interactions in favor of sitting in bed and being boring, and so I tend to make myself some iron-clad appointments so that I’m forced to get out of the house.  I just wish that more of my outings included a fancy dress code.


One response to “Tea party

  1. I am not sure if this looks Paleo or not.

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