All I want for Christmas is for everyone to shut up about their teeth. For real.

It seems like everyone in the blog world is making a wishlist for the Amorphous Holiday Season, and I’m nothing if not a sucker for sparkly peer pressure, so I will too.  Look at my life, look at my choices er…what?

I’ll kick it off with this kickin’ harmonica necklace.  Travel in style, with squeaky music.

This turban, since we all know I’ve had a penchant for eccentric headwear since birth.

Granny glasses.  So antimodish.  So delightfully naff.  I’ve somewhat masochistically wanted glasses ever since childhood.

He who procures me this sweatshirt will not only receive my firstborn, a la Rumplestiltskin, but will also be entitled to all of my beautiful long hair without having to give up his dandy pocket watch, a la O. Henry.

Gjetost.  asdfjkl;fbhlfbfd aaaaugh  SO GOOD.

This harness.

Wedges in anticipation of summer/my upcoming vacation (TBA).

Absinthe + slotted spoon for all tomorrow’s parties.

Given that I had a tutorial this spring that had the unofficial theme of black leather (wish I had more black velvet), I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a whole section dedicated to wearing on the outside how I feel on the inside.

The picture won’t upload, but this necklace is lovely, given that black is my [non]color of choice.  I would accept anything off this site, really.

Manimal moccasin booties.

Snoozer Loser key blouse.

Lacy men’s t-shirt.

Deep V eco dress.

Black chiffon harem pants (!).  (Again, picture doesn’t load.)

And I would have a conniption if I could have these pants:

Also included in my nifty gifty wishy listy would be: a tiny house on wheels for travel and a tiny Bichon to keep me company on my travels.  A DSLR camera.  Maybe an apartment.  Access to great public transit.  Living in Berlin again in a sunny apartment.  You know, the things [the amount of] money [I have] can’t buy….

Happy Hazy Holidays, Bros and Ladies.


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