Tiny and cute

Last Wednesday, A.Sals and I went out for some delicious food and a movie.  We saw Love and Other Drugs.  It was kind of silly.  Definitely full of “quirky artist living in a loft” tropes, if you’re into that.  The most excellent part of the trip was definitely the food.  Helloooo Japanese food!  We went to Hashiguchi Jr., which is right near Lenox (one of my places of employ).  Good call, A. Sals!  This was my first time going, and I’ll be back soon enough.  (I’m thinking dinner tonight…?)

I got salmon flake onigiri and katsudon (soup and meat and onions poured over rice in a big bowl).  I’ve been wanting to try onigiri since I came across a picture of one when I was living in Germany, so I was happy to find a restaurant that had them on the menu.


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