Same bar, two nights

Due to the mass influx of 20-somethings returning to their place of birth, like Herod’s census, my social calendar has been slightly more full than usual.  Two of these outings have ended up with me going to the same bar.  Not gonna complain.

The first time was Saturday, when I went with some friends of mine (and of my sister’s) to see Harry Potter.  Besides being weirded out that I found a ginger so attractive, I enjoyed the movie.  I also enjoyed sitting directly in front of a large group of freshmen/possible 8th graders from Westminster, who laughed at our [tame] dirty jokes.  Clearly they don’t get out much if a “without my pants” joke sends them into fits of giggles.  (Clearly I don’t get out much either.)

Damn you, ginger! Going, making me feel like a cougar.

Then most of us retreated to Ormsby’s, a bar with a decent draft selection and some pretty boss mixed drinks…plus bocce ball, backgammon, and every variety of board game you can imagine.  It’s also right near West Egg.  I only got two pictures from that night:

By the bye, it seems that I like Clue, but that I am very bad at it.

Anyway, a few nights later I got together with some ladies who share the same love of green cruciferous vegetables as I do a.k.a. some of my oldest friends, and we ended up back at Ormsby’s.  No games this time–just talking.  We all had [still have] a lot to catch up on.  We had some delicious pretzels, too.  More pictures this time, including some particularly jarring ones of yours truly.

my Negroni

I’m thinking that this might be my main bar jam from now on.


One response to “Same bar, two nights

  1. I found you!! haha I love these pics…good night. I’ll be back in a little over a week. Let’s have some fun times then?

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