party and kimchi

Yesterday after a half day at work, it was time for a long-anticipated adventure with the one and only A.Sals: Mega Mart.  Mega Mart is a Korean supermarket that’s just opened its first store stateside, and that first store happens to be in Gwinnett County.

Let’s establish something: Gwinnett County traffic is a nightmare.  It took us 1.5 hours to get to the Gwinnett Mall, of which Mega Mart is part.  This left us a lot of time to listen to Biggie and Nas and to conversate for a few (cuz in a few we gon’ do what we came to do, ain’t that right, boo? true.).  Two twenty-something girls living with their parents adds up to a lot of suppressed silliness exploding all at once.

‘Why Mega Mart?’ you ask.  Why not?  Y’all know I love kimchi and soju (or, I guess you know now)–not to mention taro-flavored buns, etc., etc.–so this was the perfect place for me to get my fix.  A.Sals, as I’ve previously mentioned, just got back from 2+ years in Bangkok, so you know she’s down with food of the Asian persuasion, as it were.

Mega Mart comprises three levels: supermarket on the first floor, clothing store on the second floor, banquet hall and hair salon on the third floor.  The banquet hall, sadly, was closed to the casual passersby, so we didn’t get to see the grandeur of Mega Mart in its completion.  We did a pretty thorough lap of the clothing level.  We tried on some gangsta hats…

and I even bought a shirt.  It looks like this:

it says: COFFEE CHOCOLATE MEN Some Things Are Better RICH!

That beauty was only $6.  So that purchase happened, and then it was time for Serious Bizness: the food floor.  We started out in the frozen section, where we were graciously given quesadillas to sample (???).

just a small part of the frozen foods section

Then we hit up the fish, Korean deli, and sushi sections, along with a lot more other sections that didn’t get photographed.  They had ready-to-eat Chinese, Korean, and Italian food sections, as well as a sushi restaurant.

tiny shrimp; plaintive eyes

After that, we hit up the dry goods sections in a big way.  I was so happy that I did a little dance to the smooth jams on the PA system:

And then we got really starving all of a sudden, so we decided to pay and peace out to go get dim sum.

goodbye Mega Mart!

And, as if that isn’t enough greatness for one evening, we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house to drink wine with them, my parents, and my oldest cousin, who is home from boarding school for the week.  We sat around a fire pit and were regaled with Tales From the Internet by my 7th grade cousin.  (He likes a website called ‘Fratting Hard.’  How am I related to this kid?  I love him but we are different people.)  I also did another fun dance, but I am not sure exactly what prompted it.  Oh well, in the interest of full disclosure, here I am looking like a goofball:

Aaaaaand then we all went home and went to bed.


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