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What I Watched on VHS: Tales from the Compound

Part II: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Before I started watching so much VHS I assumed that all action movies are as bad as they have been for the last decade+.  You know: predictable plots, overdependence on explosions, unoriginal plots, the whole thing.  This is because we didn’t watch movies growing up.  So every time I finally get around to watching a classic of the genre, like Die Hard or The Terminator or, I don’t know,Speed, I am pleasantly surprised almost to the point of shock.  And this time around was no different.  I LOVED this movie.

Not convinced?  How’s this: a child character who you can stand, a mother who’s been committed to an insane asylum for being so much of a badass about the future that she slutted her way across Central America in exchange for combat and tactical training for her son A.K.A. the eventual potential savior of humanity, a good robot that was the bad robot in the last movie who slowly becomes more human over the course of the film and kicks a worse robot’s ass a bunch and protects the Connors from robot and human alike without killing anyone and is played by ARNOLD, and a bad robot that is played by a lizard faced dude?  Actually, that doesn’t really do it justice at all.

You know how as a pre-adult you fixate on a certain movie as “your” movie?  You could watch it every night and survive?  If you could only bring one DVD to college (remember DVDs?), that would be it?  That movie for me was The Matrix.  Because that was the coolest movie around, and the plot was so good and classic it stood up to way too many repeats.  And at multiple points in Terminator 2, I thought, “If I had seen this first, there’s no way I would have been so astonished by The Matrix.”  Which probably means nothing other than first, cultural artifacts are best analyzed in light of their predecessors, and second, teenagers always pick favorite movies that are less cool than things from the past (because everything is less cool than Terminator 2).


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