What goes on in your mind

Just because I am more or less bedridden with an epic migraine does not mean that I can’t tell you about the fun stuff I’ve already done this weekend.

But first, let me voice how distressed I am that the English language may be dying out.  This website is teaching me scads of obscure words, and I am going to endeavor to use some of these in my circulands.  Look out for some new words.

On Friday night, my dad and I were supposed to go to a concert.  I think the most of you know by now that I consider my dad the best concert buddy ever.  Somehow he manages to be up on the best music even before I am, and he shares a similar outlook with respect to dealing with annoying concert-goers.  Well, we were both feeling rather under the weather on Friday, and we decided to instead enjoy a nice dinner at the West Egg Cafe.  We’ve gone there so much that the waitress knows us by now.

We decided to park a few blocks down the street and walk over to the restaurant, which means that we get to walk over this bridge that crosses over the train tracks.  Well, there was an engine car sitting right under the bridge, running, Nerd time: 1. Reading Atlas Shrugged is my project for all the free time I get at work (of which I have scads as a bartender), so I started thinking about Taggart Transcontinental.  2. Atlanta was built not due to any geographic features nearby, but because it was the intersection of so many railroad lines, and it still has a really large railyard, so I started thinking about Atlanta history.  We stayed on the bridge for a while just watching the train sit there.  I couldn’t get any great pictures since it was so dark out, but that won’t stop me from posting them!

And of course, we took some pictures of ourselves as well, but most of them came out blurry.

The next morning, my mom and I had brunch with the same friend that I saw at Holeman and Finch (let’s call her A.Sals) and her mother (B.Sals).  We went to Anïs, a small French place that I haven’t been to in ages.

Anïs has a wicked charcuterie plate, a ramshackle feel, and street cred to boot: the older men at the bar were speaking exclusively in French.  We sat on the porch for 4 hours and had some great discussions, including, but not limited to: bimarian trips around the globe and nautical tattoos, baking, cell phone etiquette, and the efficacy of Sesame Street in increasing kids’ vocabulary in the 1980s.  We’re a fun bunch.  As you can see, most of us couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

The abundance of photographs is to make up for the sketchy ones from the other night.  Lamentably, B.Sals didn’t want her picture taken, so we somehow didn’t get a full group shot.  Oh well…next time.  And there will be a next time.  Bah ha haaaa.


One response to “What goes on in your mind

  1. Awesome time at West Egg with you! The photo of the bridge captures the special aura of a quiet evening in a cool place with best of planet company. The photo of the front end of the locomotive sitting down there on the tracks is dark and powerful, sort of like some badass diesel leviathan throbbing and smoking away in its cave, any second to launch out on the cold steel rails at blistering speed to who-the-hell-knows-where. Also, I love the shots of you all at Anis.

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