charcuterie and alcohol

Last night I got the chance to catch up with one of my childhood friends, who just returned to the country a few weeks ago after spending considerable time in Bangkok as part of the Princeton in Asia program.  It’s been years since we’d properly hung out, so, needless to say, we had a lot to catch up on!

The onus was on me, as a bartender, to suggest a good place to grab a drink (or two…or three).  I’d been hearing great things about Holeman and Finch, so we settled on the speakeasy-style “public house” for our rendezvous.  I also had somewhat of an ulterior motive, as they are are also known for their meat dishes (charcuterie and offal as well as limited-edition burgers).

Each of us chose a few drinks off their signature drink menu, and I think the star of the night was the pig-pik sour, which is basically a bourbon sour with smoked egg white for extra fizz and a sort of bacony flavor.  We also got a charcuterie plate comprising sopressata, Boar Hungarian, and lardo.  Now, neither of know what Boar Hungarian is, but it’s delicious–as was the lardo. which is cured/smoked pig fat.

Boar Hungarian, lardo, beer mustard.

The food and drinks took forever to come out, but the company couldn’t be beaten.  We were there for a few hours, but we still have a lot to catch up on and more things to do in Atlanta.  For now, though, I will leave you with some silly pictures.

scary, scary picture of me


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