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* so inspirational *

I have a lot of backlogged stuff for the ol’ blog, but I’ve been a bit busy recently.  Now that my deadline is approaching, and I have the application already turned in–overachiever!–I can resume blogging.  Thanksgiving has come and [mercifully] gone, and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t post a thoughtful, heartfelt list of things I’m thankful for?

Oh.  Right.  I would be MC Casual BlogStyles.  Carrying on…

Here is a list of the things that have developed in the past year that I find beneficial in some way.  Thanks for manifesting yourselves, list members.

  1. Finally mastering the art of academic bullshittery.  I was able to bring my GPA up .1 by telling professors what they wanted to hear.  Throw in the word “dialectics” and it’s an instant A.
  2. Working jobs that most people with my education won’t lower themselves to do.  I get looks of pity, but guess what!  I ALSO GET CASH.  And I have perhaps the purest motivation of all to succeed in life: I don’t want to spend my life doing restaurant work.
  3. Living with the parents.  Free food, free bed, free conversation.  Quality time with my dogs.  You’re never alone.  Etc.
  4. Being secure enough in my intellect that I can say [and believe] that some people I’ve known, and even been friends with once upon a time, are not very smart.  (Previously I would waffle on this subject and feel guilty and question my own intelligence.)
  5. Rum-flavored ice cream.  I love you, man.
  6. Fancy drinks with egg whites in them.  I yearn for you tragically.
  7. My decision to be culturally irrelevant and technologically anachronistic.  Realizing that I want nothing to do with my generation’s widespread greed and hunger for new product has really opened up my life options.  Shit, I’m not getting an internet phone, as I call them, until my old phone breaks and the iPhone comes with the basic plan.  With the exception of my camera, none of my technology was produced after 2008.  And I have still never heard “Party in the USA” all the way through, and I can’t recognize any of Justin Bieber’s songs–and I want to keep it that way.  I don’t need any more flash-in-the-pan white noise to stay in my brain while something important slips away.  I get more time to read and be awesome this way, and I’m saving a lot of money.  Plus, I’m my own conversation piece at cocktail parties.

Do I sound bitter?  If you think so, reexamine your values.  These are some of the most freeing things that have ever happened to me.

Also, I guess there are some cool people/entities too.  These are listed in no particular order, unless you think they are, in which case, okay.

A.Sals, rock on. Reconnecting with you has been magical. I'm not just saying this because nobody else will listen to me chatter about Biggie and Van Morrison.

Robert E. Lee, you were a gentleman and a scholar, and I don't believe the nasty Northern rumor that your son was dumb as rocks. I am honored to have you grace my tiny plate.

Thank you, cute taro bun mascot man, for making me buy your delicious taro bun product. You have shown me the way in a sad, confused world.

Thank you, Raymond Carver, for keeping it real. You are a great purse companion and have taught me what it is to be a true post-modernist.

Thank you, harmonica, for producing amusing sounds though you are but a lowly hunk of metal. Dogs, thank you for crashing my picture.

O cherished Bagel, thank you for tasting so delicious and coming from Montreal. You have opened whole new vistas for my bagel receptor tastebuds.

These people in this place on this day.

Thank you, high school friends (pictured and unpictured) for keeping me in the realm of general normalcy, even though I tend to float away like that guy who tied weather balloons to his lawn chair.

College friends, see caption for "high school friends" and add "and for not killing me while I slept, helpless and unawares."

Thanks, Birthday Boy, for everything so far.

I also want to give shout outs to my parents, my sister (who gets enough blog time as is!), google video chat, Biggie, and Tim Horton.  If they don’t already know that I am thankful, then I have failed.


Same bar, two nights

Due to the mass influx of 20-somethings returning to their place of birth, like Herod’s census, my social calendar has been slightly more full than usual.  Two of these outings have ended up with me going to the same bar.  Not gonna complain.

The first time was Saturday, when I went with some friends of mine (and of my sister’s) to see Harry Potter.  Besides being weirded out that I found a ginger so attractive, I enjoyed the movie.  I also enjoyed sitting directly in front of a large group of freshmen/possible 8th graders from Westminster, who laughed at our [tame] dirty jokes.  Clearly they don’t get out much if a “without my pants” joke sends them into fits of giggles.  (Clearly I don’t get out much either.)

Damn you, ginger! Going, making me feel like a cougar.

Then most of us retreated to Ormsby’s, a bar with a decent draft selection and some pretty boss mixed drinks…plus bocce ball, backgammon, and every variety of board game you can imagine.  It’s also right near West Egg.  I only got two pictures from that night:

By the bye, it seems that I like Clue, but that I am very bad at it.

Anyway, a few nights later I got together with some ladies who share the same love of green cruciferous vegetables as I do a.k.a. some of my oldest friends, and we ended up back at Ormsby’s.  No games this time–just talking.  We all had [still have] a lot to catch up on.  We had some delicious pretzels, too.  More pictures this time, including some particularly jarring ones of yours truly.

my Negroni

I’m thinking that this might be my main bar jam from now on.

A word from our sponsor idol

And now a word from the man on the left of my blog header.  (The jig is up!)  An ex of mine kindly gave me Volume 1 of Aldous Huxley’s complete essays.  I’ve been reading them.  Boy, did this man have a talent for satire.  Anyway, here is a favorite passage of mine:

I could give many excellent reasons for my dislike of large dinner-parties, soirées, crushes, routs, conversazioni, and balls.  Life is not long enough and they waste precious time; the game is not worth the candle.  Casual social intercourse is like dram-drinking, a mere stimulant that whips the nerves but does not nourish.  And so on.

‘The Traveler’s-Eye View,’ Aldous Huxley

party and kimchi

Yesterday after a half day at work, it was time for a long-anticipated adventure with the one and only A.Sals: Mega Mart.  Mega Mart is a Korean supermarket that’s just opened its first store stateside, and that first store happens to be in Gwinnett County.

Let’s establish something: Gwinnett County traffic is a nightmare.  It took us 1.5 hours to get to the Gwinnett Mall, of which Mega Mart is part.  This left us a lot of time to listen to Biggie and Nas and to conversate for a few (cuz in a few we gon’ do what we came to do, ain’t that right, boo? true.).  Two twenty-something girls living with their parents adds up to a lot of suppressed silliness exploding all at once.

‘Why Mega Mart?’ you ask.  Why not?  Y’all know I love kimchi and soju (or, I guess you know now)–not to mention taro-flavored buns, etc., etc.–so this was the perfect place for me to get my fix.  A.Sals, as I’ve previously mentioned, just got back from 2+ years in Bangkok, so you know she’s down with food of the Asian persuasion, as it were.

Mega Mart comprises three levels: supermarket on the first floor, clothing store on the second floor, banquet hall and hair salon on the third floor.  The banquet hall, sadly, was closed to the casual passersby, so we didn’t get to see the grandeur of Mega Mart in its completion.  We did a pretty thorough lap of the clothing level.  We tried on some gangsta hats…

and I even bought a shirt.  It looks like this:

it says: COFFEE CHOCOLATE MEN Some Things Are Better RICH!

That beauty was only $6.  So that purchase happened, and then it was time for Serious Bizness: the food floor.  We started out in the frozen section, where we were graciously given quesadillas to sample (???).

just a small part of the frozen foods section

Then we hit up the fish, Korean deli, and sushi sections, along with a lot more other sections that didn’t get photographed.  They had ready-to-eat Chinese, Korean, and Italian food sections, as well as a sushi restaurant.

tiny shrimp; plaintive eyes

After that, we hit up the dry goods sections in a big way.  I was so happy that I did a little dance to the smooth jams on the PA system:

And then we got really starving all of a sudden, so we decided to pay and peace out to go get dim sum.

goodbye Mega Mart!

And, as if that isn’t enough greatness for one evening, we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house to drink wine with them, my parents, and my oldest cousin, who is home from boarding school for the week.  We sat around a fire pit and were regaled with Tales From the Internet by my 7th grade cousin.  (He likes a website called ‘Fratting Hard.’  How am I related to this kid?  I love him but we are different people.)  I also did another fun dance, but I am not sure exactly what prompted it.  Oh well, in the interest of full disclosure, here I am looking like a goofball:

Aaaaaand then we all went home and went to bed.

Fur hats!

Both my sister and I have fur hats.  I guess today is turning into Sister Day on the ol’ blog.  Sweet.

Hair today…still hair tomorrow.

Disclaimer: this post has no point.

Every few weeks I decide that I am so bored with my hair and I must change it.  A lot of this is due to my laziness when it comes to styling my hair; I want the finished product, but I really don’t want to put the work into getting there.  Unfortunately, my hair will never be classified as “low-maintenance,” so growing it out is a dicey, dicey proposition.

In middle school when I had long hair, it got so tangled that I literally couldn’t run a comb through it.  The most recent time I let my hair get long was the summer after my freshman year of college, when I was living in Vermont without an air conditioner.  I got so frustrated that the day after I got home to Atlanta, I went in to the salon and had most of it chopped off.  Most of the time when I have long hair, I put it in a ponytail because that’s the easiest way to get it out of my face.

Which brings me to my point: I like the idea of long flowing hair, but whenever my hair is long, it just winds up in a ponytail anyway.  I like to dry my hair in a ponytail or Dutch braids because I am just so damn inept with the blowdryer.  Right now, it is drying like this:

I love you so much that I am willing to post a picture of me in a wifebeater without makeup to show you my hair. Country style; real time.

This means that I can undo my hair and have it come out semi-nice.  I usually run a curling iron over the front bits to make everything look nicer.

But you might remember my men of style posts.  Clearly I am drawn to CrazyGoNuts hair.  I miss being able to pincurl my hair and wake up with this:

This time, with makeup. Praise Grilled Cheesus.

It’s wild, it’s low-maintenance (I pin the curls in, I go to sleep, I wake up, take the pins out), and it’s fairly androgynous–which, if you remember, is where I’m usually located on the style continuum.  Here’s the thing: I don’t think that I am cut out for long hair.  It’s puffy and it takes hours to dry.  It’s hard for me to make long hair look good because my hair is very stubborn.  I am sick of ponytails, and there’s only so much I can braid my hair.  I’m going to grow my hair out for a little longer just because I know that I’ll be mad at myself if I don’t, but short is coming back to an MC Casual BlogStyles near you in the relatively-near future.


Have I ever mentioned how amazing my sister is?  She’s an unbelievable artist, and she just posted a portrait of one of those dogs of ours…


Check out her stores on Etsy and in the real world.  She does great work, she takes commissions, and no, she doesn’t know that I am writing this post.