Officially Corduroy Season

Imagine my delight when I came home last night at 1 am from a long, long shift at work (it was a huge wedding reception) and my mom points to a bundle of clothing and asks if I want it.  I will almost never say no to free clothes!  An added bonus is that these were from my grandparents’ house and belonged to my uncle when he was a teenager in the 70s.  And to make things even better–I know, that’s saying a lot–the bundle included two pairs of corduroy pants.  I would be thrilled to get old men’s clothes any old time (not sarcasm!), but this was especially great because it’s almost the end of October, which, despite 80-degree days, makes it Officially Corduroy Season.  A pair of Uncle Hunter’s cords and an old T-shirt of his, plus an old bandana from my mom, seems like the perfect thing to wear around the house on a lazy Sunday.  My mom looked at me and said, “You look like me.  I used to dress just like that.”

Chip and I watch the watchmen


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