It’s a dog eat { } world

Ever since moving back home after graduation, to a city that houses two of my friends and a whole host of still-strangers, I have to admit, it’s gotten lonely at times.  This is where my crazy dogs come into the picture.  Literally.  I was lucky enough to live in a 3-dog circus household when I first got back.  We lost Kate earlier this month, but the two dogs we still have are crazy enough to keep my time occupied.  They’re both new to the family this year, so they’re still getting used to us and jockeying for power, while we’re just trying to figure out what goes on in their fuzzy little brains.

Anyway, these guys both have really expressive faces, and I am on a neverending quest to capture their expressions on camera.  Here are a few pictures of the fuzzballs that melt my heart.  They especially like photobombing pictures of food.


One response to “It’s a dog eat { } world

  1. Nice photos. Should have got one of Chip and Bro noshing on the pie.

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