Bachelor Life

Another instalment of Bachelor Life With Your Host MC Casual BlogStyles a.k.a. Contempo a.k.a. Basement Dwella.*

Tonight I will show you what I eat when I am home alone and feeling lazy (like this week).  I started this particular personal veggie craze when I was living in Berlin, and my obsession has continued through junior and senior years of college through to the present day, where one might find me Basement Dwelling.

‘What’s this WonderFood?’ you ask.  ‘Brussels sprouts,’ I answer you confidently.  They’re the easiest things in the world to prepare and they’re pretty satisfying to eat.  All you do is…

Chop them in half, take off the bad leaves, and pop them in a pan full of the sizzling cooking fat of your choice.  On this particular bachelor occasion, I opted to use a combination of bacon grease and duck fat (the combination of which smells oddly like pizza when heated).  Arrange them face down in the pan, like so:

Now comes the hard part: wait for them to caramelize.  This probably takes around 10 minutes.  It’s longer than you think, but not long enough to get anything done.  Traditionally, I have used this time to:

  • watch and wait for the brussels sprouts cook (boring)
  • half-heartedly read something (fruitless)
  • shoot the shit with my boyfriend (relaxing)
  • watch 10 minutes of Criminal Minds (traditional)
  • spend time on the floor with my dogs (gratifying)
  • make coffee (unwise after noon)

But feel free to do whatever you want to.  Your snack will taste the same.

When you turn over one of the halves, you want it to be pleasantly caramelized.  Brownish.  Cooked through and under no circumstances raw at the outer edges.  Warm and delicious.  Transfer these to a vessel of your choosing; grate with parmesan; take outside to photograph and put on your blog because it’s a nice day and the lighting is better on your deck.

There you go.  You too are now a lazy, veggie-eating bum.  If you’re feeling particularly unwise, this will be your whole meal–but kids, that’s a dangerous path to go down; that’s a lot of fiber.


* You like that last one?  Just came up with it.  I actually live on the main floor, but the sentiment is the same, I feel like.


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