Tremendous cream, fuck a dollar and a dream*: photo essay (and word essay)

I just got back from work and I am sitting down now to sort out some financials for the first time since graduation.  I am very excited about sorting out financials because, lo, I actually have financials to sort.  Namely, I’ve started bartending part-time at a nice little place right on Piedmont Park.  I’ve worked three times and I usually end up coming home with tips in cash.  Legally, I’m obligated to keep track of tips, so I’m recording those, as well as my working hours (haven’t gotten a clock-in number yet).  I am slowly getting good at counting money quickly.  I also had some random cash laying about in my deskular area, so I counted that up and it’s all gone into a big roll in [undisclosed location], ready to deposit.  I have an extra special incentive to save up everything that I can–I might discuss that in a later post.

This is my financial process.



I get out my lifesaving, sanity-preserving Filofax


Count that shit.


Write down the amount (yep, I blurred the totals with my Skills of Photoshop)
Get out old money clip I found in my grandparents’ house–finally a use for it!
Money clip not big enough. MC Casual Blogstyles = official baller.

This is all very impressive until you look closer and realize that I have a few 20s, some 10s and 5s, and a monumental stack of 1s.  But you know, it’ll work out.  I am going in on Friday to fill out paperwork for my other job, and I assume training starts soon.  Money…coming soon to a blogger near you!


* A little hyperbole, courtesy of Biggie Smalls.


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