state fair

So I went to the North Georgia State Fair with my friend Suzanne a few weeks ago, after finding out about it online.  Just getting there was an adventure in itself.  The fair grounds only had one entrance and the lots were all parked up by the time we arrived.  We opted to park down the street and take a shuttle, but the shuttle got stuck in the fair traffic for 40 minutes.  After a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors, Suzanne, being the handy lady that she is, suggested that we play MASH.  (click to enlarge and read our life options)

If you look closely, you can see some of our clever contributions.  I could have ended up with Poindexter as a husband, and Suzanne narrowly avoided having a pet rock named Rocky.  Whew!

And some pictures of us on the bus.

After sitting on a freezing bus for 40 minutes, we had worked up an appetite for Delicious Fried Foods and were ready to explore.  I wouldn’t rest until I found a deep-fried Milky Way, so we did a cursory lap of the food vendors and I found a stand selling deep-fried Snickers and Three Musketeers.  I settled for Snickers, and Suzanne got the Three Musketeers.  It was her first time encountering a deep-fried candy bar, and I’m not sure she came away too thrilled.  (To be honest, these things are always way better in theory than in practice, and I usually end up wishing I hadn’t eaten them.)

Some more sights…


can't escape the police



this crap still happens


The fair part of the fair was actually nowhere to be seen.  It was as if someone removed the guts of the fair, everything that made it interesting, and replaced it with more food vendors and rides.  Way off to the side was a barn filled with exhibit animals–a few of each species–but there were no signs of livestock competitions, tractor pulls, bake-offs, competitive eating contests, or anything else that you tend to associate with state fairs.  (There were, however, some pretty sad elephants and tigers on display, and a man who got shot out of a cannon.)  I’m still glad I went because as far as proximity and cost go, you can’t beat it.  And sometimes you just need a deep-fried candy bar.


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