Today I was rummaging around in the tea drawer and rediscovered some tea that Dan’s mother gave me when I visited the [lastname] household in June.  She’d made me some tea for breakfast over the past few days, and she knew I liked it, so she gave me some, along with a box of char siu bao and other buns, when we were leaving to make the rainy drive from Brooklyn to Atlanta.  I still have the tea, but the pork buns met a deliciously quick fate in my mouth before I went back to full-on paleo mode.

I saved the used leaves, since Dr. Tim says that they get better the second and third time you use them.  (I am still trying to figure out who “Dr. Tim” is, but my dad has assured me that he knows his tea.)


I am looking for a new camera, since my old one (a) doesn't focus and (b) only takes SD memory cards, which are being phased out of production. Really counting down the days until my pictures are in focus.



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