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Happy Halloween!

MC Casual BlogStyles a.k.a. Daisy Duke wishing you a Very Happy Halloween, wherever you are in the world!  Here are some pictures of me and some gym friends in costume at the CrossFit Atlanta party on Friday.  Every year I inevitably fail to get a costume together until the day of the party I’m attending, and this year was no exception.  I was able to cobble together the Daisy Duke ensemble with relative ease, though, since all of this stuff was just sitting in my closet.  Even the shorts.


New Look

I have made some modifications to my blog design.  I really liked my old layout, but I wanted a customized header, and that layout just wasn’t conducive to that type of design.  I got Allison to create this random and amusing header of me with some of my favorite historical figures.  We’re all just chillin.  It was a pretty great party.  New characters will rotate in and out with the seasons, so be sure to check back from time to time.  Although I think Biggie and Dylan will stay.

(Ten points to anyone who can name the guy on the far left, by the way.)

Two more gchats

An amusing story:

My plans for later this evening:

Officially Corduroy Season

Imagine my delight when I came home last night at 1 am from a long, long shift at work (it was a huge wedding reception) and my mom points to a bundle of clothing and asks if I want it.  I will almost never say no to free clothes!  An added bonus is that these were from my grandparents’ house and belonged to my uncle when he was a teenager in the 70s.  And to make things even better–I know, that’s saying a lot–the bundle included two pairs of corduroy pants.  I would be thrilled to get old men’s clothes any old time (not sarcasm!), but this was especially great because it’s almost the end of October, which, despite 80-degree days, makes it Officially Corduroy Season.  A pair of Uncle Hunter’s cords and an old T-shirt of his, plus an old bandana from my mom, seems like the perfect thing to wear around the house on a lazy Sunday.  My mom looked at me and said, “You look like me.  I used to dress just like that.”

Chip and I watch the watchmen

It’s a dog eat { } world

Ever since moving back home after graduation, to a city that houses two of my friends and a whole host of still-strangers, I have to admit, it’s gotten lonely at times.  This is where my crazy dogs come into the picture.  Literally.  I was lucky enough to live in a 3-dog circus household when I first got back.  We lost Kate earlier this month, but the two dogs we still have are crazy enough to keep my time occupied.  They’re both new to the family this year, so they’re still getting used to us and jockeying for power, while we’re just trying to figure out what goes on in their fuzzy little brains.

Anyway, these guys both have really expressive faces, and I am on a neverending quest to capture their expressions on camera.  Here are a few pictures of the fuzzballs that melt my heart.  They especially like photobombing pictures of food.


My blog could also be known as Gchats I have known and loved.

Dan never fails to make me laugh.  Chat me up if you too want a screen cap of your witticisms posted here.  #shamelesspromotionofkeepingincontact

Another song I’m enjoying, off Illmatic.