Treasure Hunt

My family, through a bunch of circumstances, is currently in the process of clearing out my grandparents’ entire house.  Lucky for nobody, my grandparents could be classified by some as hoarders.  On the flip side of that same coin, this means that there is an absolute treasure trove of old papers for this history major to find (and, to my mom’s and sister’s* dismay, read) and knickknacks to marvel at.  The situation does get pretty bleak and overwhelming but viewing this as a foray into someone’s old treasures helps somewhat.

Ghost legs

Sounds grim for the children…

Stewardesses: A Glorious Pictorial

Fight your insect enemies!

Since when did they change the penny to look like this?

* Of course my mom and my sister encourage reading, but not when we need to sort mountains of papers expeditiously.


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