MC Casual BlogStyles has a job–maybe two! Tomorrow I sign my life away to a restaurant that starts with an H. I will start as a server and hopefully work my way up to bartender. Today I also had an interview and am scheduling a trial period at a natural cosmetics/skincare store that starts with an L. I’m not sure it’s so smart to give out the names of these places, just in case I want to keep talking about work life and somebody from either place finds this and gets upset. So that’s all you get. The second place should be easy to guess if you’ve ever lived with me.

Life is jobulous. Here’s a celebratory song. (Thanks Jemaine!)

2 responses to “Jobful

  1. yay yay! i DEF know what the L is fosho. hahah. and i figured out the H from your comment on peyton’s wall. SUPER EXCITING!! šŸ™‚

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