men of style: part 3

I am lumping these next two together because one was a direct influence on the other. It should be pretty obvious. Without further ado, I give you…

Richard Hell (he’s my man)

And my end-of-high-school crush, John Lydon as Johnny Rotten (he was a beautiful, beautiful man…am I the only one who thinks that? Hmm…don’t answer that!). The first picture is my all-time favorite.

Where can I get a polka dot shirt like Richard Hell’s? I’ve been on this quest for a few years now.
I was thinking about this series of posts, and I started thinking about how this all probably comes off as incredibly weird. I’m not inspired to dress like a man because of these men, per se, but there are a lot of elements and sensibilities that I like to incorporate into the way I present myself. It’s kind of hard to explain. At any rate, I will declare that these men have been influential on Teenage, College, and Funemployed Me (and probably even Gainfully Employed Me, when that starts next week), and they’ve been icons in my life, even if they’re not completely relevant for most of my generation.
Do I sound pretentious enough? No? Good, because next up is my Fassbinder post.

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