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Today I am drinking tea, wearing a nice black sweater, hoping it will rain, and listening to this:

It reminds me of certain people, and certain time periods, which is never bad.  You know who you are and when that was.

Blogger is still being a bitch and won’t let me post pictures, although I have some interesting ones to share with you.  I am thinking of switching host sites if this continues.  Probably to WordPress.  (You hear that, Blogger?  Ughhhh)  I sort of want to take my blog in a different direction, too, so that might work out well.


That’s enough

Dear Tiny Inchworms That Live In My Faucet (?!),
Please go away.  You’re cute in the outdoors.  Not so much on my faucet.  I am glad that you left my makeup and toothbrush alone, but you harassed my rubber ducky, and if you want to stay, you will start paying me rent, posthaste.  Otherwise, I will continue to nuke you, sans merci, with Scrubbing Bubbles until you vacate the premises.
This is goodbye, I hope,
MC ‘Contempo’ Casual BlogStyles

Treasure Hunt

My family, through a bunch of circumstances, is currently in the process of clearing out my grandparents’ entire house.  Lucky for nobody, my grandparents could be classified by some as hoarders.  On the flip side of that same coin, this means that there is an absolute treasure trove of old papers for this history major to find (and, to my mom’s and sister’s* dismay, read) and knickknacks to marvel at.  The situation does get pretty bleak and overwhelming but viewing this as a foray into someone’s old treasures helps somewhat.

Ghost legs

Sounds grim for the children…

Stewardesses: A Glorious Pictorial

Fight your insect enemies!

Since when did they change the penny to look like this?

* Of course my mom and my sister encourage reading, but not when we need to sort mountains of papers expeditiously.

Peer Pressure

Go take a look at this amazing office in Madrid.

Do it.



Yesterday an old friend and I had a picnic in Piedmont Park, which is the most well-known park around these parts.  Both of us are (re)new to the city and had no idea what to do, so we decided to throwback to our high school summer tradition.  It was great to catch up, all the while watching some sort of beanbag-toss-competition-slash-loser-does-bootcamp and avoiding the giant (GIANT!) dragonflies zooming around.  Vermouth with lemon twists rounded out the night in a rather nice fashion.

That old rant of mine

Blue Ribbon Girl

So I just learned that the North Georgia State Fair is going on this week.  Send me to the state fair, folks!  I love fairs…terrifying myself on upside-down rides, getting sick off of funnel cake, talking with self-proclaimed experts about tractor pulls….  I am trying to convince my friend to go with me tomorrow night.  If we’re lucky, we’ll catch some livestock shows and a free concert.

Here’s some pictures from the last fair I went to (Summer 2007) in a small county near Middlebury in Vermont.  (PS – what is up with the new blogger editor?  So user unfriendly!)