men of style: part 2

Continuing with style/cultural icons I’ve been into these days, here are a few more random ones.

Jim Morrison (on a random note, it is pretty difficult to find pictures of the man himself, and not just actors dressed up as him in random film productions, but I’m pretty sure these are all real)

Fab Moretti (the only recent one in the bunch)

Yep, I was definitely born with the wrong hair. I am able to recreate a sort of Fab Moretti look with pincurls when my hair is shorter, and I usually kind of tease it so that it ventures into Bob Dylan territory…more on that special man to come, trust me…
Also, a workout buddy at the gym is a hair stylist by profession and wants to cut my hair. How am I supposed to explain that I want the Bob Dylan effect? She was already pretty confused when I said I liked (a) long, long hair with blunt bangs AND (b) on the other extreme, Morrissey hair. Of course, I’m pretty confused about my hair too.

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