Weird week

This has been kind of a weird week. I’ve been tired and under the weather and right now I am eating unsweetened whipped cream straight from the bowl. This is Trainer Mike food log-approved (better cream than nut butter, he says) so I am going to keep doing it. Welcome to Bachelor[ette] Life With Your Host MC Casual BlogStyles.
Last night I went out with a friend from the gym (KP) and we got a nice meal and I had a cocktail. Mango mojito. Then we both went grocery shopping. That was actually pretty nice.
So here is a picture of my mom, Sergia, and me in the middle of Tabata Something Else. A joy and a pleasure. Note the look of sheer heavenly pull up bliss on my face. Oh wait.
And some more random thoughts:
  • I would really like to go back to Tbilisi.
  • I’m glad that I go to a gym where I can discuss modus tollens with someone when “This is Why I’m Hot” by Mims comes on–and I don’t have to explain the concept to the other person.
  • Two ounce cocktails today. Bartending class is going pretty well. I have a good and accurate count for my free pour, so I don’t use a jigger anymore–this, after only 3 days! So that’s cool. And slowly but surely I am soaking in all the drink recipes. I am, however, dreading shots and shooters day. Tropical drinks day was hard enough…blarg.
  • I am watching Legend of the Seeker when I should be watching (and blogging) Being Erica. Legend of the Seeker is awesome in a really cheesy predictable way, and it features some beautiful people, and it doesn’t make me repeatedly slam my head into a table, soooo…

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