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I agree with the guest post on Barbells & Bacon about this one.

And yes, it’s possible to be girly and love the big lifts. People are always surprised when they see me inside the gym and outside the gym.

Where have all the cowboys bees gone?

Beekeeping, anyone?

Afternoon delight (of a gustatory nature)

I was making a snack the other afternoon (cherries and cafe viennoise) and wanted to put it on a nice tray. I decided that it was good an opportunity as any to work on photography/photo editing. Which explains why no two pictures look the same in terms of color values. Bear with me; I’m still figuring this stuff out.

The song referenced earlier

Back from the dead – Babyshambles (Pete Doherty’s post-Libertines band)

Is it wrong that I still love Pete Doherty? I will now call him a “force of nature” because I am amazed that his body’s had the fortitude to withstand all the drugs that he’s pumped into his vascular system. You go, Pete Doherty’s heart/brain/muscle tissue! Keep on rocking in the free world!

This man

David Chang. I am in the process of reading his cookbook, Momofuku. This draws me in not only because most of his dishes are pork-based (!), but also because the recipes, although exhibiting strange techniques and ingredients such as “meat glue,” look really fun to make and ultimately delicious. And the cookbook is a great narrative, which is what a good cookbook should be.
Next time I am in New York, I am hitting up Momofuku Ssäm and the Milk Bar. There’s no way I can’t.

Word of the Week


live it, love it, learn it. insult people with it.

These vases

from Etsy seller PigeonToeCeramics
I discovered these (and the wonderful seller PigeonToeCeramics) while tooling around Etsy looking for blue baubles for my inaugural Something Blue post over on The Ring Hitch (which, I might add, is soon getting its own domain and hopefully a spiffy shiny web design to match!).

I am sorely tempted to head towards the minimalist when I get my own apartment (whenever that will be). White with touches of greenery and books galore on clean white shelves. Large windows. All I really need is a space and a budget to match my vision. But for now there are these.